Digital Advertisement: Does spam work?

One of my favorite places to shop is Amazon—great prices, great customer service, and, heck, I don’t have to pay taxes (which is changing unfortunately). Throughout the years, I have checked out many lenses (I am a hobbyist photographer), may have added them to a wish list, or used search engines (yeah, I am being impartial here and I use both Google and Bing) to find better prices. Continue reading

And the word is… UGC

In the world of social media marketing, there is one sentence that is mostly used than others when speaking about stronger integration of social media, and that is User Generated Content (UGC for short). I have dealt with two schools of thoughts: one that focuses on soliciting direct UGC from customers (or audience), and the other that monitor the web for content. This blog discusses both approaches. Continue reading

Data Visualization: That Was Simple!

Working with data is not about numbers; it is about how to creatively present it. Digital media professionals process lots of data on a daily basis. Analyzing this data allows us to find important trends and information, which can be shared with customers (and of course senior management). There are many ways to present the data, such as a simple table and results ? boring, or creatively visualize it with images, maps, and other graphics. Continue reading

UGC Strategy: the Integration of People’s Voices

Changes in communication style brought about by the recent movements throughout the Middle East and North Africa have shown the importance of social media. One of MBN’s top goals is now to procure and curate UGC, so that the audience feels included in the production of content. In addition to curating content from third party platforms, MBN is implementing different tactics in asking audience to participate and share directly with the entity. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: When Marketers Join the Conversation

Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective, inexpensive marketing techniques established in the past few years. Big and small brands alike are working hard to connect and engage with their customers (should we call them fans?). Many marketers, however, still focus on the one thing they know best—promotion. Unfortunately, this does not work in the social media sphere, as the most important element in social media is ignored—“social.”

In approaching SMM, there are many important items to keep in mind. In this blog, I will be discussing them.

Continue reading