About Ahmad

Ahmad AbouAmmo

Ahmad is a communication and creative leader with international experience in digital media, social media, branded content, and digital strategy. Currently, Ahmad is leading branding and content strategy for multiple orgs in Amazon, developing and implementing strategic digital media and marketing. Prior to Amazon, Ahmad was Head of Middle East and North Africa at Twitter, where he successfully helped launch Twitter in the region and drove users growth and content, making the Middle East the fastest growing market on Twitter. Ahmad’s previous stints include a tenure in the Middle East, where he led marketing in Microsoft and other regional brands. His time in the region enabled him to build a strong, comprehensive foundation of the region and how brands can transcend boundaries by understanding, contextualizing and adapting. Ahmad endeavor to forge stronger relationships between brands and consumers and transform and build brands for digital age. He is heavily influenced by creative art, innovative design, and social connections.

Ahmad earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Washington. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Management from Harvard University. In his free time, Ahmad enjoys traveling and photographing the world.